Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Oven Fried Pickles and French Dip Crescents - 2 Thumbs Up

Tonight Nikki was the Taste Test Kitchen Chef for dinner and the menu she developed is Oven Fried Pickles from and French Dip Crescents with Au Jus from Mama Loves Food!  We have been using Pinterest to find great things on the internet and food, of course, is among those great things.

First up are the ingredients for the oven fried pickles:
The red stuff in the plastic bag is Cajun Seasoning - we couldn't find a prepared Cajun Seasoning, so Nikki whipped some up from this website - 
Next up are the ingredients for the French Dip Crescents.  These were really easy to do.  Just unroll each crescent triangle and put a piece of roast beef and a piece of cheese.  We opted out of the horse radish, just cuz we don't do horse radish.
Here's what they looked like out of the oven:
And a picture of the French Dip Crescent  with the oven fried pickles.
Overall the taste test tonight was a success.