Thursday, January 19, 2012

We Have Fancy Breakfast for Dinner on Thursday!

Tonight we tried out Whole Wheat Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Blueberry Topping compliments of Honey, What's Cooking.  We also sampled a French Toast Bake from Rach's Blog.  Also on the table were sausages compliments of Brown n' Serve and we couldn't have all this yumminess without a mimosa or two! 

 However.....WE ARE STUFFED!  Both recipes were very easy to do and had minimum prep time.  Apart from the lemons, blueberries and ricotta cheese, I usually have the ingredients on hand.  This makes it easier on the finances. 

By the time I took pictures, the French Toast Bake was already in the oven.  I did not have it sit overnight, it went into the oven after a couple hours and I agree with Rach, the bottom is the best part!  Try it and let me know if you agree.

Here is the set up of the ingredients for the pancakes.  I know it looks like a lot, but the prep time is quick. 

 Look how yummy the blueberries are as they simmer on the stove - the lemon zest really made an entrance.  The aroma coming from that pan was heavenly.

When cooking the pancakes on the griddle, don't expect to wait for all the air holes to show up on top before flipping them.  This is a dense, yet fluffy batter and you just need to keep an eye on them.

And here they are on the flip side. 

We give these two recipes a hearty thumbs up.  However, we would not do the two paired together again. 

Leftovers you ask?  Of course there are!  Would you like to come for breakfast?

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Honey said...

Thanks for the link back. So happy to hear those pancakes worked out for you and they really don't taste that healthy. :-)